misty clean cleaning your stair carpet

Helpful Tips on Cleaning Your Stair Carpet

misty clean cleaning your stair carpet
Misty Clean has a list of helpful tips on cleaning your stair carpet.

Most often, vacuuming your stair carpet weekly is ideal for basic cleaning maintenance. However, there is a 5-step process to deep clean the carpet on your stairs. Now, you don’t have to complete the whole process each time, but you should follow it every 6 months to maximize the life and beauty of your carpet. Luckily, Misty Clean has a list of helpful tips on cleaning your stair carpet.

Sweep & Brush Your Stair Carpet

Sweeping and brushing your stair carpet is the first step to deep cleaning. Dirt can often gather at the edges of your carpet or get stuck in the fittings which sustain your carpet to each step. Ideally, you should utilize a brush with firm bristles. You must also sweep thoroughly and eliminate any deep-seated dirt from your stair treads. In addition, brushing requires precision and accuracy not to cause any significant damage to the carpet itself. Side note: Always begin at the top and work your way down!

It’s Time to Use the Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your carpet in this step requires you to use a vacuum cleaner. With your vacuum cleaner plugged in on the landing, always begin at the top and work down. This significantly minimizes the risk of accidentally tripping over the power cord. Ideally, you would utilize a handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning the stairs. Another way would be to use a 2-in-1 vacuum that becomes quick for handheld use. Remember to increase suction by ensuring the canister isn’t too full and to go over each step couple of times.

Eliminate Odors with Steam Cleaning

Moreover, steam cleaning includes using hot water to penetrate the carpet and take out any dirt particles. In addition, the steam forces the dirt out of the carpet and instantly dries up any excess water. A great time to steam clean your stair carpet is when no one is home. Even though steam cleaning is not the best at removing hard-set stains, it’s excellent for eliminating odors, mildew spores, and mold.

Now It’s Time to Shampoo the Stair Carpet

Furthermore, shampooing the stair carpet after brushing is a great option. Remember, brushing is ideal prep for the shampoo process. If you shampoo regularly, you will enhance your carpet’s appearance and longevity. After shampooing, it will take up to 12 hours for your carpet to dry properly.

Vacuum Your Stair Carpet Again

This last step to cleaning your stair carpet requires you to vacuum once again. The reason for this is to absorb any residue that was loosened by the shampoo or steam. You can wait to permit everything to settle a bit before your vacuum again. Another essential thing to remember is to empty the canister between cleanings constantly.

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