Tips for Cleaning a Large Home

Trying to clean a home that’s larger than life is a difficult feat when you don’t have the time. That’s when Misty Clean matters. We’re a professional cleaning company that caters to residential and commercial sites. We can offer you…

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Cleaning Checklist for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fantastic occasion. Families and friends have the opportunity to take time away from work, reflect on what they’re grateful for, and eat delicious food. Thanksgiving also takes a lot of work, especially if you’re the person hosting…

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Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean During the Fall

We’re nearly a month into the fall season. That means that it’s becoming colder and colder. When you don’t bundle up, it makes you more susceptible to becoming sick. What also makes you vulnerable to becoming ill and spreading germs…

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Discover How to Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you’ll be cooking turkey before you know it! Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or any other wonderful holiday, now is an excellent time to start preparing your home for guests. Discover how you can…

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5 Household Chores To Do In October

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!” — L.M. Montgomery  October has finally settled upon Maryland. The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and homeowners are gearing up for the holidays ahead. Discover how…

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The Most Overlooked Places to Clean in Your Home

While some areas of your home are easy to clean, others can present a variety of struggles. Many homeowners choose to skip over these spots, but every inch of your home deserves a thorough clean. Prevent mildew, dust, and mold…

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