Clean the Freezer in 5 Simple Steps

Your kitchen might look spotless, but when was the last time you cleaned the freezer?
Your kitchen might look spotless, but when was the last time you cleaned the freezer?

When is the last time you cleaned your freezer? Most people probably couldn’t even say, since the freezer tends to be one of the most neglected areas of the kitchen. So when you do get around to it, it can be a big (very much overdue) task. Read on for some great tips on making the job a little easier! 

Gather Supplies

Make sure you have all of the supplies you need before you start the cleaning process. This is not a job you want to stop in the middle of and then restart later. Make sure you have a rag or sponge and a nontoxic sanitizing cleaner (or vinegar) for the actual cleaning, a towel or paper towels, water, baking soda, and an old toothbrush.

Empty It

You can’t clean a full freezer, so start by taking everything out. Take this time to assess what you’ve got stored in there. If things are really old or very freezer burnt, throw them away. Don’t keep anything that you won’t use. Depending on the size of your freezer, you may be able to store all the stuff in a cooler of ice or dry ice while you clean. If it is a lot of stuff, ask a neighbor if you can use their freezer or begin using stuff up a few weeks before you plan to clean so that it is mostly empty. If your fridge and freezer are attached, you will also need to empty the fridge of quickly perishable items, since the whole unit will be unplugged.

Defrost And Clean

Start by unplugging the unit. Many modern freezers are frost-free meaning there won’t be a buildup of ice on the inside, but you will need to remove the built-up ice before you can clean. You can do this by just letting it sit with the door open, or you can melt the ice with a hair dryer or by putting bowls of boiling water into the freezer and shutting it. Once the ice is melted, scoop or sop up all of the accumulated water and wipe down the interior. Next, clean out the debris and scrub the surfaces with your sponge and cleaner. Focus on stains and spills first but make sure that you clean the whole freezer. The toothbrush will come in handy for small spaces. Once you’re done, rinse everything so that the cleaning product doesn’t leave any residue.

Deodorize And Dry

Use a baking soda and water mixture to clean any remaining areas that smell. Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. Once that’s done, thoroughly dry the freezer before plugging it back in and loading it back up with the food you decided to keep.

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