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Removing Pet Hair From Furniture and Floors

Learn how to remove pet hair from your home!

Learn how to remove pet hair from your home!

If you have a cat, dog, or any indoor critter, you have to deal with the frustrations of pet hair. One stray strand might not seem like a nuisance, but their fur can quickly accumulate throughout your home if left unattended. Learn how to remove pet hair from your furniture and floors with the following tips!


Vacuuming your furniture and floors just once a week can help minimize the pet hair buildup throughout your entire home. Often, pet hair is so difficult to remove because it sticks to the fibers of your carpet or fabric. By vacuuming regularly, homeowners can remove the fur while it’s still loose. Consider going over each area twice with the vacuum and in alternate directions to remove the hair more efficiently.

Rubber Gloves

If you’re having a difficult time removing pet hair from a certain chair or fabric, try a pair of rubber gloves on for size. Dampen the gloves with water, and run your hand over the surface of the furniture to attract fur. This method is less wasteful than tape, and often provides better results!

Soft Cloth

Wooden furniture also attracts pet hair, but luckily it’s easy to remove. Use an anti-static dusting spray to loosen the hair, and wipe it away with a soft cloth. If you don’t have anti-static dusting spray, use a furniture polish as not to harm the integrity of the wood.

Microfiber Mop

When removing pet hair from the floors, avoid using a traditional wet mop to attack the mess. A microfiber mop will attract the hair, whereas a wet mop just moves the hair around the floor. If you don’t have a microfiber mop, use a cloth or towel to clean the areas of your floor that are covered in pet hair.

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