Post-Fourth of July Party Cleaning Tips

Discover how to easily clean your house after a big party!
Discover how to easily clean your house after a big party!

Cleaning up after a Fourth of July party isn’t always fun, but it’s important to restore your house to order after having guests over. If you are struggling to get started with your holiday cleaning, here are some of our best tips for cleaning up after your Fourth of July party.

Start Outdoors

One of the best ways to do your summer holiday cleaning is by starting outside since the weather is nice. Most Fourth of July parties use the deck or patio, so grab a trash bag to pick up any trash in your yard, used fireworks, watermelon rinds, and flip flops that never made it indoors. Spot clean and reorganize your outdoor furniture so that your yard is put back together. Starting outside with your holiday cleaning will also help you get the motivation that you need to tackle the rest of your home!

Tackle Your Kitchen

The kitchen gets dirty incredibly easily, especially when you are preparing all of your favorite Fourth of July goods. Cleaning your kitchen is a quick way to make your home feel put together again and help you get back to normal life. After all, if your kitchen counters are still messy you will be tempted to subsist on takeout for the near future (which is never a good plan!).

Clean Up Your Floors

Next, it’s time to vacuum your floors to pick up any dirt, debris, and crumbs that were left behind. People moving inside and outside of your home will naturally bring some dirt with them, so holiday cleaning should always involve a fair amount of sweeping and vacuuming. Clean floors will, again, help you keep your momentum as you move throughout your home to complete your holiday cleaning.

Get Some Extra Help

After expending all of your energy hosting a party, sometimes the best thing that you can do is hiring a house cleaner to help. Holiday cleaning can be one more chore stacked on top of everything else that you’ve already done, and Misty Clean is happy to lighten your load.

Holiday Cleaning from Misty Clean

If your home is looking a little less than tidy, Misty Clean can help! We offer professional cleaning services throughout the Anne Arundel area, Howard County, downtown Baltimore, and Baltimore County. We are happy to provide you with a great one-time cleaning, stop by once or twice a week, or just swing by in the spring and fall to clean up your home. We have a great deal of expertise in cleaning homes and businesses, so trust us with restoring your home to rights. If you are ready to get your home Misty Clean, give us a call at (410) 255-4111 or visit us online. For more cleaning tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.


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