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At Misty Clean Services we offer residential and commercial cleaning services in Pasadena, Severna Park, and Glen Burnie, among other cities in Maryland. Our priority is our client’s satisfaction by having a passion for cleaning.

Cleaning Procedures | Misty Clean
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We help with complicated processes like move-in/move-out cleaning services as well as with packing, storing, cleaning, and counting. At Misty Clean Services, we provide tips on how to organize and clean an office setting for a productive workday.

Thinking about these and other complications that our customers may have or experience, we look for the most useful solutions for a better cleaning experience. Our solutions are designed to elevate the quality of service and care for all our clients. These solutions integrate products, processes, training, and measurement systems to improve results and reduce risks. By creating a systematic procedure, we ensure an answer to all our client’s specific cleaning and hygiene challenges.

In all, we are a reliable and quality cleaning company that hires and trains the best people to give our clients peace of mind.

Cleaning Procedures | Misty Clean
Cleaning Procedures | Misty Clean

What is the procedure for cleaning a house?

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We have a procedure which we have designed to show our clients the processes that our services require. In this way, our customers can better understand what to expect and be more confident in our services. The following are some of our basic steps for house cleaning.

Cleaning Procedures | Misty Clean

Unique Cleaning Strategy

We care about every single aspect when cleaning. Therefore, we created a cleaning strategy for our clients to understand what we do. We understand our client’s challenges and difficulties face in complying with health and safety standards. Our solutions are designed to elevate the quality of service and care for all our clients. These solutions integrate products, processes, communication, and strategies to improve results and reduce risks. By creating a systematic process, we ensure an answer to all our client’s specific cleaning and hygiene challenges.

Cleaning Procedures | Misty Clean

Cleaning Procedures

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Products and Techniques

At Misty Clean Services, we understand the importance of using eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for our clients and the environment. However, we also recognize that it’s essential for the products we use to be effective and provide a deep clean. That’s why we use products that are planet-friendly and provide a deep clean. We take pride in using cleaning products that are safe for our clients, their families, and the environment. By using these products, we hope to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a healthier, more sustainable future.

We’ve been using SEBO vacuum since 2018. They’re efficient and safe for all floor finishes. We have the need to use the best products to ensure the best services.

Our Professional Cleaning Services

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We are a professional cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Maryland. We take pride in offering specialized services such as move-in/move-out cleaning and RV cleaning, in addition to our regular cleaning services. Our team of experienced cleaners is dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning services that meet the unique needs of each client. We understand that every client is different, which is why we offer a booking procedure that helps our clients set up the services they need. Our goal is to make the cleaning process as stress-free and convenient as possible for our clients.


Following simple steps, our customers can start booking our services. When a customer calls, we set a date for the service.


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We match the nearest Misty member to our customer's location. After that, we send a reminder on the service day. Finally, our residential clients pay on the same day.

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We make moving from and into a location easy in the Pasadena area! Read about all of the benefits our moving services offer.

Schedule a

Dirt and dust naturally accumulate faster in smaller places such as RVs, making it hard to enjoy your space. So let's ensure you wake up to a breath of fresh air.

Provide Property Details

Our customers provide details about their property, such as the number of rooms, square footage, and any specific areas that need special attention.

Special Requests

If our customers have any special requests or instructions, such as using specific cleaning products or focusing on certain areas, they can mention them at this stage.


Most clients will manage pets as they know their needs before we arrive.

Confirm & Pay

Our customers review the details and the quote. Once they agree, they proceed to make a payment through a secure payment gateway on the website or app.


After the payment is processed, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail or notification with details of the scheduled cleaning, including the date, time, and assigned cleaner(s). E-mailed reminders are sent every Monday prior to the cleaning week, and a text is sent the day before the service.

Service Day

On the scheduled day, the Misty Cleaning Services team arrives at the customer's property and carries out the cleaning as per the agreed-upon details. The cleaning starts in a specific room, and so on but we begin where it's most convenient for the client.

Customer Support

If the customer has any concerns or issues, they can contact Misty Cleaning Services' customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked


If you have a question that isn’t on the list, then send us an inquiry. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The first step in the disinfection process is cleaning. Cleaning removes organic matter, salts, and visible soils, all of which interfere with microbial inactivation. The physical action of scrubbing with detergents and surfactants and rinsing with water removes substantial numbers of microorganisms.

The recommended cleaning protocol is a 2-step Clean and Disinfect process. We clean surfaces with recommended soap and water and then we use disinfectant.

Maintaining a clean surface is important because cleaning visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for preventing COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.

The frequency of house cleaning depends on the homeowner’s preferences and lifestyle. Some homeowners prefer to have their houses cleaned weekly, while others may only need a deep clean once a month. It’s important to communicate with us to determine your best cleaning schedule.

The recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces include cleaning with a detergent and water or an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant/detergent on a routine basis, and when visibly soiled. Clean mops and cloths after use and allow them to dry before reuse; or disposable mop heads or cloths. We prepare fresh cleaning or EPA-registered disinfecting solutions daily or more often as needed.

The recommendations for cleaning upholstery include vacuuming regularly, treating spills and stains immediately, and having upholstery professionally cleaned by us.

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